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Dry Cleaning The Carpet
23 May 2014
Dry Cleaning The CarpetYou may well have presumed that dry cleaning was only really for clothing, but in fact it is a process that can applied to many different fiber based products. From carpets to curtains, you can clean a great many things dry cleaned, and it will still be the premium service that it is for your clothes. You may well be wondering as to why anyone would go to the expense of dry cleaning their carpets, when you could just have them shampooed or steam cleaned, and it is not a bad question. There are many reasons, both in terms of potential failures on the other processes’ parts, and in the merit that dry cleaning has in its own right. Having a look over both factors will be a great hand in ensuring that you choose your carpet cleaning method correctly.Carpet shampoo will be good for a few people who want to get their carpet looking better more quickly and cheaply than those who want the deep and long lasting clean that dry cleaning will give you. You will most likely find that shampooing is effective in its initial stages, but it is also hard work, as it all needs scrubbing in by hand in order to give a properly deep clean. You will find also that the residue left behind by carpet shampoo can attract more dirt, more quickly, as it is rather a sticky substance. With steam cleaning, you get a great clean, but there can be issues with how moist the carpet can be left afterwards. You may have a high traffic area that you need the carpet to be dry for, or you may have concerns about the humidity levels in the house in the first place, and want to avoid contributing to the threat of mold in the house, as humidity will raise that inexorably. Dry cleaning works through a number of different processes, all of which are centered around compounds that attract dirt to them. These compounds are often by products of the petroleum family, and will always be solvents. The dry compound will be scrubbed in to the carpet, which may have been treated first with an emulsifier spray, to break down the adhesive qualities of the dirt in the carpet. The compound is then scrubbed in by machine, to ensure that the full depth of the pile is covered, and you will no doubt find that the machine gives you a much deeper clean that you can get by hand. In essence, the result will be that the compound attracts the dirt to it on contact, and the residue can be vacuumed off of the carpet. Commercial cleaning will use units that do so automatically, but for stains, the job can be done by hand, to keep it to a localized area.Encapsulation is a technique that is similar, but supposedly quicker and more effective than solvent based dry cleaning. The technique uses polymers that have been discovered to take on dirt much more quickly, and the compound can be vacuumed off almost simultaneously, which is a miracle for those why want their carpets cleaned quickly and effectively. This method is perfect for those who have carpets that cannot be out of action for too long, as the immediate drying time and deep cleaning ability of the process means that it tops wet cleaning methods for carpets every time. Talk to a dry cleaning professional as to how they can help you get your carpet looking amazing.

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