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How Do You Clean Your House?
14 February 2014
How Do You Clean Your House?

Sometimes it seems that the house work can get too much, and that there is no method to dealing with such madness. If you are of this persuasion, then you may well want to take a minute to think about exactly how you approach the domestic cleaning. For many people the issue can be with fitting enough in to the day, what with work, kids, social life, relationships and the like, cleaning seems to be the last thing that anyone has time for. Other people may well have the time for it, but can’t really face organizing something so boring, and end up doing their house work in a way that neither benefits them, nor gets the job done! For both of these situations there are answers, and whether it is simply to be more careful with the planning, or to get someone else to do it, there should be a way in which you can make it all work!

For a start, have you considered a cleaner? The facto of the matter is that a professional domestic cleaner will be far more experienced at home cleaning than most people. For this reason, they will be able to get the whole house done in a few hours, rather than the whole weekend that it may take the regular person! If you can find an effective cleaner who charges a good fee, then it may well be the answer to your problems, especially if time is your main one. Having a cleaner in once a week means that you still have to do a bit of work, but the main bulk of the pressure is off; you will have more time to get your work done, go out, or look after the children, whatever it is that you feel requires your attention more!

If you feel like you are simply in need of organization, then the first thing to correct is your outlook on the process. In reality, the cleaning is not one massive job, but a series of short, easy tasks that contribute to a whole. Imagine the engine of a car; it is not one part that puts huge effort in to move the car, but a series of thousands of small parts doing a little bit to contribute to the car’s movement. You can be all of these parts at different times, so that the effort is spread out across the day, and across the week. If you are waiting for your favorite TV show to come on, why not vacuum the sitting room? What would you do otherwise? Utilizing moments like these mean that you never let the cleaning get in the way of anything else in your life, which means that the process is much less of an intrusive thing, and more of a part of your life that you just fit in around the rest of it.

To battle the tedium in the moments where you do have to spend a few minutes on a job, try putting on a favorite album, to see if you can distract yourself well enough to get the job done faster. The same works for radio plays, soaps, documentaries and even books on tape. If you could be reading a novel that you’ve always wanted to get through, whilst simultaneously getting the bathroom clean, then surely the job can;t be that stressful! You may even find that you clean the bathroom for longer than you need to, simply to get to the end of the chapter!