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How to Clean your Store for Boxing Day
16 December 2014
How to Clean your Store for Boxing DayChristmas season means that you will be getting more shoppers than at any other time of the year, and we all know that Boxing Day sees the peak of foot traffic in the shopping district. Obviously, the more people coming into your store, the more dirty it is going to get. This means that at the end of the day you might have a huge mess to clean. However, with a bit of preparation you can easily prepare your store to deal with the high traffic without having to call in a professional cleaning company later on. Here are our store cleaning tips that will help you get ready for the big sale day.  Window cleaningThe key to attracting customers from the throng of shoppers that invade the streets during holiday season is to make sure that your store windows look inviting. This does not only mean that you put your best items on the window, but you also make sure that it is visible. Clear windows also allow more light to enter your shop, making it appear brighter and cheery. If your staff is busy managing the shop or you don’t have a cleaning crew, hire some professional cleaners to give your windows a thorough wipe down and make them shine before B-day. After all, first impressions are everything.Entrance matsCome winter and you don’t just have to deal with dry dust and dirt but with snow and wet slush. There is no better way to defend your floors against the slush monster than to make sure that you have placed a doormat at every entranceway. Pick one of a dark colour, made of hard fibres and make sure they cover a considerable area of the floor near your entrance. This will ensure that most of the dust, dirt, snow and water that the customers bring in from the outside gets trapped and so your floors get much less dirty than they normally would. This means that you will save a lot in floor and carpet cleaning.DisinfectWinter is also the season of cold and flu which means that you cannot keep germs out of the store. If you don’t want your employees and customers to get sick, you need to make sure that all touch points and areas in your stores (such as door handles, railings, checkout counters, bathrooms etc.) are disinfected regularly. You may also place bottles of sanitizers at key points such as registers and in the bathroom for your employees and customers to use.Trash cansGiven that shoppers will be passing through your store at all times of the day, you should make arrangements for them to have a place to throw their garbage. Depending on the layout of your store, place the trash cans strategically so that your customers can easily find a place to throw away their cups of coffee or food packets without having to move too far away from what they were looking at. Be preparedNo matter how hard you try to keep your store clean, chances are that there will be an accident or two that you cannot control. This is why you should have the basic cleaning supplies ready at hand, such as paper towels, surface cleaners, disinfectants, stain removers etc. It would also be useful to have the phone numbers of a dry cleaning company and professional cleaning agency handy just in case you need to remove stains spilled on a new item of clothing or are in need of an immediate sofa cleaning.

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