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How To Deep Clean A Kitchen
21 March 2014
How To Deep Clean A KitchenEvery kitchen requires a deep clean from time to time but most people it comes a dreaded chore with not knowing quite were to start. No matter how clean you try to maintain your kitchen there are still going to be areas which are missed and this is mainly due to day to day living and the extracts of cooking. Areas such as tops of cupboards, ovens, behind the cooker, behind the fridge, behind the freezer, back of the washer, hidden tiles, door frames, doors and hard to reach areas of the floors and skirting boards often get missed out when normal every day cleaning takes place so it’s a good idea to try to tackle these at least every 6 months, to maintain opulent cleanliness of a kitchen. One of the major problems we are faced with in kitchen is the accumulation of grease; it tends to spread around the kitchen and sticks to almost anything it settles on. Overtime we usually see that dust will then stick to those greasy areas and that is when the situation becomes more noticeable to the eye. Grease alone is often invisible to the eye until dust settles onto it, creating a look of grime which is never a good look! Start a section at a time!When it comes to deep cleaning a kitchen start section by section and remove as much of the grease and residue as you can before moving onto the next. Walls, tiles, skirting boards and doors is a good place to start cleaning, remember to get help to move the large freestanding appliances to be able to get to those hard to reach places. Wash your sponges regularly!Before moving onto the next areas remember to thoroughly wash and rinse your sponges so that you always start with a clean sponge and do not rub the dirt and grime around the kitchen. Also if areas are particularly bad you may have to continue to wash your sponges to get a result! Tackle cupboards next!Once you have a relatively clean kitchen it’s a good idea to start on the cupboards next, empty out the cupboards and de-clutter. Give them a thorough wipe down as dirt and dust tends to settle at the backs of cupboards overtime and it may even be on unused contents such as plates and cups which are hardly used, these may need cleaning too before placing them back into your freshly cleaned cupboards. Appliances!Now it’s time to clean your appliances, a simple soapy solution is effective for appliance cleaning. Clear out your fridge and if necessary defrost the freezer so that you can clean the inside properly. Next apply oven cleaner to the oven and allow it to soak through for at least 30 minutes so that is can cut through grease, then simply rinse away. You may have to discard the sponge used for cleaning the oven which is why it is better to leave this dirty job right until the end. Floors!Finally once you are happy with how you newly cleaned kitchen looks you can bleach or wash the floors and allow it to dry, voila your done! Tip/ Deep cleaning kitchens is not a going to be a quick job by all means, in fact if it’s not been done for some time you can expect to spending at lease a whole day on it. If this is not possible as you do not have time to do it, you could try the easier option and hire in a professional cleaning company instead, many companies offer deep cleaning as a service nowadays and for many people it’s extremely beneficial.

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