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Keep Your Car's Interior Spotless With These Quick And Easy Tips
16 October 2014
Keep Your Car's Interior Spotless With These Quick And Easy TipsFor some people, their car is comparable to a second house. It might serve a different purpose, but at the end of the say it’s an expensive item that people get attached to. Cleaning the exterior of your car is a routine procedure, and sometimes therapeutic and fun - especially on a warm, sunny day. But the interior is a little different - there’s more details to worry about, and is a little less glamorous. Nevertheless, it’s still a pivotal part of general car care. Here are a few quick and easy tips to make tidying your car’s interior a breeze.Cleaning your car’s interior uses a lot of the same tools that you use for the house cleaning, so you don’t have to go out of your way to buy supplies. I do recommend you gather them all up beforehand, just so they’re close to hand. You will need;A vacuum cleaner with a slim extensionAll purpose cleaning fluid (diluted 50/50 with water)Window / glass cleaner (diluted with filtered water, also 50/50)Spray bottlesSqueegee Old newspapersMicrofibre clothsCotton swabsSmall brushThe first job to take care of is the vacuuming, and it’s a pretty simple one. Just remove all of the mats from your car, fold the seats down (if they can) and get to work on the floors. Take some time to get into the corners and the foot wells. Use the narrowest extension you can find to maximise efficiency - if you don’t have one, just use a brush to move the dirt out of the corners. Treat it like you’re doing the carpet cleaning because it’s basically the same process. After that, fold the seats back up, and give them a good vacuum as well.Whilst this is going on, you can put the mats into the washing machine, so they can get cleaned up while you’re doing the other jobs.The inside of the car windows should be cleaned in the same way you’d clean glass in general. Mix the window or glass cleaner with some filtered water in a spray bottle, and spray the insides of the windows. Then use the squeegee to clean the windows vertically. When this is done, dry off the windows afterwards with a cloth or newspaper. Be sure to open the doors and do this from the outside to avoid getting the interior wet. Now for the trim pieces. Mix the all purpose cleaner with water, spray the dashboard with it, then wipe it down with a cloth. Rinse and repeat. This will clean and sterilize the dash, so you can put your cup of coffee in the cup holder without having to worry about germs. You can then use the cotton swab Domestic cleaning doesn’t just refer to the house - it covers everything you own that is stored at the house, and that includes the car. So it makes sense to keep the car clean in the same way you’d keep the house clean. So I hope this guide was useful. Cleaning the outside of the car is one thing, but a careful owner keeps all parts looking “as new”!

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