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Keeping Your Home Clean While On Holiday
09 February 2015
Keeping Your Home Clean While On HolidayIf you are going away for a long period of time or even a couple of weeks then it’s a good idea to prep your home so that it will stay relatively clean while you are away. Coming back from vacation can be depressing enough in itself that you don’t want to come back to a dirty or moldy home as well. Keep the holiday going with this essential guide to getting through a domestic clean before going away. 1.    Consider a professional clean. If you have the budget to stretch to it, then a professional clean just before a holiday can be great. This means carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and oven cleaning and will last until you get back. Your home will remain fresh while you are out and dirt will be less likely to build up. If you have a friend or friendly neighbor who can let your cleaner in then this could be a great way to get a deep clean done on your home without disruption and will be lovely to return to. For a money saving tip, consider renting your place out while you are away you could earn some money and then use it to hire a company. 2.    Make sure you empty all your bins. There is nothing worse than coming home to that awful smell that an old bin can leave behind. Remove any rubbish and old food that may go off in the fridge while you are gone. Mould spores can quickly build and spread. It’s also a good idea to give your bins a really good wash and clean so that they have plenty of time to air and any leftover rubbish or food is cleaned off. 3.    Get a really good home cleaning done. A really good tidy up will help you get organized for packing and means that your home will be ready for unpacking when you get back. If you are back late or tired from a flight then you don’t want to be falling over clutter on the return from your break. 4.    Clean your appliances. Oven cleaning can be great before you go away as it will give the chemicals time to wear off before you get back. Cleaning kettles, microwaves and sinks will also ensure that mould is not going to spread while you are away. Make sure you dry surfaces before leaving so that things will not be left damp where bacteria can easily breed. Disconnect all your appliances too to eliminate any risk of fire or electrical damage. 5.    Give your floors a really good clean. Whether you have wood floors or carpet it’s a great time to get them sorted. A good shampoo or wash will leave you coming home to plenty of freshness. Some carpet cleaners take a while to work and disperse, so you may want to allow yourself some extra time for this. 6.    Do your upholstery cleaning. Send any curtains, covers or area rugs off to be cleaned. It is the perfect time as you won’t miss them from being there. Arrange for a later pick up or ask a friend to collect them for you while you are away. Maybe you could even get them to drop them off for you. Sofa cleaning can be very disruptive so if your covers are not removable then consider getting this done too. A professional can help get the job done or you can look into home cleaning solutions. At least you can rest assured that it will have plenty of time to dry.

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